The best 11 questions about kitchen spraying Leicester!

The best 11 questions about kitchen spraying Leicester are answered here.

Are my kitchen cupboards okay to be resprayed?

Most kitchens have very similar layouts, but the differences between them will be the size and complexity of the design. Suppose your kitchen is still in reasonable condition – more on condition later, then yes. In that case, kitchen spraying Leicester must be considered in the current economic climate where costs keep rising and not showing any signs of slowing down.

If your kitchen, layout, and storage solutions still work for you and your family, then your kitchen is most definitely suited to getting a respray and a new lease of life.

Is kitchen spraying Leicester likely to be expensive?

Not in comparison to ripping yours out and installing a brand new one, then no, it isn’t. 

The cost of respraying your current kitchen is likely to be anywhere between 10% and 25% of the price of ordering a new one. Of course, there will be occasions where it might be less than 10% and the odd time where it is a little more, but between 10-25% is a good indicator of the price you’ll be asked to pay for kitchen spraying Leicester

If you opt to have new handles and hinges, new worktops, or splashbacks, expect the cost to rise more. We can be the one-stop-shop to allow a seamless process between your existing kitchen and the kitchen you dream of but at a fraction of the price of a new one.

Talk to us about the work we can do to make your new kitchen the space you want. We can tile, plaster, remove and replace hobs and sinks, add cabinets, remove cupboards, install additional lighting or radiators, all work we can do to make your space great again.

But fundamentally, a top-quality kitchen respray project will save you thousands over replacing it.

Will it still feel like my old kitchen, just in a different colour?

That all depends on your perception. Yes, it’s still your original kitchen, but with a well thought out and considered colour (or colours) choice/s, coupled with new handles and a fresh set of “always out” small appliances, like your toaster and kettle, it won’t be too hard to think of it as brand new.

Going from dark to light, or vice versa is a significant way of changing the look entirely and is a sure-fire way to make your kitchen feel brand new. Kitchen spraying Leicester is an option that should be considered.

We can add or remove any elements to help with the new feel, and we can talk and advise about any changes you’d like to make.

Does the paint last, and will it scratch easily on my kitchen cupboard doors?

kitchen spraying Leicester

The biggest concern with getting your kitchen sprayed might be the durability of the paint and just how long it might last.

Like any surface coating anywhere in your home, the preparation of the substrate beneath is the answer to just how durable your new resprayed kitchen will be. Do the preparation right, and the topcoat of colour will last as long as you want it.

Like any colour coating though, it will scuff and mark if you use force, but everyday bumps and bangs in the kitchen will be perfectly fine.

The preparation is key to a successful kitchen respray near me project, so it’s super important that the time is taken to prepare correctly before spraying your kitchen cupboards- a one-day job it isn’t!

Is the paint you use to spray my kitchen harmful to my health?

The paint isn’t, but the vapours and fumes are if you remain in an area that isn’t ventilated for too long and you inhale them for any length of time. So naturally, we won’t put you in that position because we thoroughly sheet and mask off the area we are working from the rest of the property and use an extraction system, with a safe explosion-proof fan with an air change capacity of at least eight changes an hour.

That means we completely change the air we are working in at least eight times every hour, and the expelled air is filtered and exhausts to the atmosphere.

We will only spray what we cannot take away in your home, so we limit the actual time spraying at your home to the bare minimum time needed. We do the rest at our spray booth (more about that below).

How long will it take to respray my kitchen?

That depends on the size and complexity of the kitchen. As mentioned above, all the kitchen door and drawer fronts are labeled and removed on the first day and taken back to our factory and spray booth in Wigston, Leicester for a thorough clean and degrease before being filled, repaired, abraded.

We then spray before being moved to our drying rooms to off-gas and cure. We leave the doors and drawer fronts for 24 hours after spraying, and this allows us to be a bit more robust in our handling when we return to fit them.

The Guys on-site will then thoroughly clean and prepare the remaining items in the kitchen before kitchen spraying Leicester

The size then determines the duration of the work. If you allow anywhere between 3-10 days for the kitchen spraying Leicester work to be carried out, you won’t be far off.

Can I use my appliances at any time during the kitchen respray project?

We often leave the essential parts of the kitchen, like the hob, sink, and oven, out of the masking process until the last minute; this allows some necessary food preparation and cooking to take place after we’ve left for the day.

The same goes for the dishwasher and washing machine. Of course, if you have kids, we know you’ll need to use them, so we’ll be as accommodating as we can.

I’d quite like to change my worktops to a different colour, is that possible?

Everything is possible but changing worktops is not a project to underestimate. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your vision but will need consideration, particularly if you have tiles as a splashback etc.

We can offer a vinyl wrapping option though as well as kitchen spraying, using Coverstyl Architectural vinyl. So, you can still have the new color and style of new worktops without disruption.

We have trained vinyl guys in-house, so we’ll be more than happy to talk vinyl with you.

What guarantee will I get after you’ve completed my kitchen respraying?

Well, we’ll offer a 10-year guarantee on any of the elements that we’ve sprayed against cracking, peeling, or flaking. If we need to remove hobs or cookers, we’ll get the required testing certificate from the necessary trade.

If you opt for new hinges and handles, then the guarantee remains with the manufacturer.

We’ve got your back!

Can I see some examples of your work where you’ve done kitchen spraying Leicester?

Of course. Give us a call, and if you are close enough, you can come to our factory and look at some samples of kitchen spraying Leicester, and we’ll show you the process.

We must stress that appointments must be made in advance.

And finally, do you need a deposit, and how do I pay for my newly sprayed kitchen?

In most cases, we don’t need a deposit. We mix our industry-leading paint, so no ordering from others.

We’ll initially send over a formal quotation for you to agree and accept for kitchen spraying Leicester That then gets turned into an invoice that we’ll send over to you before finishing the work.

Once we are all finished and wholly tidied up, we’ll walk you around the newly sprayed kitchen to check you are happy with everything.

When you can no longer contain your excitement over the look of your resprayed kitchen and the work we did kitchen respraying Leicester, we’ll kindly ask you to give the office a call and pay over the phone or open up your laptop and complete a bank transfer.

It’s that easy, and you should give it a go!

So if you are considering kitchen spraying near Leicester or even in Oadby, Wigston, Melton Mowbray, Birstall, Syston, Uppingham, Tugby, Hinckley, Stony Stanton, Narborough, Enderby, Littlethorpe, East Goscote, Queniborough, Loughborough, Coalville, Whitwick, Markfield, or anywhere within Leicestershire and surrounding counties, please call us to learn more about Kitchen spraying Leicester.

For any further questions, you might have regarding kitchen spraying Leicester,  please call us on 0116 2880091


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