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We spray windows, doors, kitchens plus much more across Leicestershire, Coventry, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Northampton, Lincolnshire and Peterborough. So for quality uPVC spraying and flawless Kitchen spraying in Leicester, please read below.

What is Colourmy?

With Colourmy, you can now make your uPVC window frames look like new just by changing the colour to a colour of your choice. So as well as uPVC spraying, we also carry out kitchen spraying, bedroom furniture spraying, shop fronts, conservatories and much more . With a near infinite colour choice, 3 spray finishes and a 10 year guarantee against cracking, fade or peel, you can have peace of mind coupled with the factory finished results on every project we undertake.

How It Works

We can spray any uPVC, whether it be a window, a door, a conservatory, or even your fascias and soffits, and if it’s uPVC or a kitchen, it can be sprayed.

We use coatings designed to bond to uPVC and kitchens and spray it using a compressed air set up for the factory-finished look. By using this industry-specific coating, Selemix DTM, we can offer a 10-year guarantee against cracking, peeling, or fading, so you can rejuvenate and add years to the life of your windows, doors, or conservatory safe in the knowledge that with uPVC spraying you won’t need to do anything other than a clean now and then.

As well as uPVC spraying we can also respray Composite doors and aluminum Bi-Folds too.

Why do we do it?

We do it because we want to help you get the best look for your home in the most affordable way. Changing the colour of your windows and doors  with uPVC spraying will improve the way your house looks and add years to the life of your uPVC, leaving you to decide what you will spend the money on you have just saved by not replacing but respraying your frames.

uPVC tends to discolour over time and look old and tired; the functionality could still be perfect, so needing to replace your uPVC simply because of the way it looks would be very costly. Respraying your kitchen or uPVC spraying windows could save you as much as 85% against the cost of replacing them.

Is uPVC window spraying the right choice for me?

It’s for anyone that has uPVC products fitted in their homes. Available colours for uPVC have been pretty uninspired for years, so the ability to create your colour scheme for your property that is unique to you couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

You could fancy a change, or maybe you are looking to sell your property and want to give it maximum curb appeal?

However, for the minimum investment, the reasons to have a kitchen respray instead of replacing it are numerous, and a cleverly thought-out colour change could add significant value to your home.

Naturally, it is your responsibility to check that no covenants are attached to your deeds about window colours. Still, for 98% of people, this is an excellent opportunity to inject some life into tired, discoloured, and dull uPVC for a fraction of the cost of replacing and with a near-infinite choice of colours to choose from, the only thing stopping you from getting uPVC spraying is your imagination.


Our services are carried out onsite, so there is no building work and there is no mess, meaning disruption is kept to an absolute minimum! Our teams are as meticulous with their masking as they are with the application.  We also use the latest technology to get the job done, saving you time and money. So as well as uPVC spraying on-site, we also have a spray facility for our trade spraying services.


The coating we use forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface which, when applied correctly is guaranteed to adhere to the plastic for a minimum of 10 years. It’s extremely durable, wont crack or peel and extremely colour stable, even in a location where the sun shines from dusk until dawn.


Spraying your uPVC is a highly cost-effective way of extending the life of your uPVC windows and doors, so with uPVC spraying you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of replacing with new, sometimes as much as 85% cheaper, a staggering cost saving.


With uPVC spraying, your windows are virtually touch dry in minutes and cure within 24 hours, we use the same coating for kitchen spraying Leicester too.


We can match colours with existing parts of your property. The specialist paint we use can be mixed to any British standard colour or RAL number and is available in either Matt, Satin or Gloss. This means that you have a high level of flexibility with regards to the look of your Upvc, choosing a re-colour can and Upvc window spraying will really improve the look of your property.


We’re able to provide you with a guarantee of 10 years, during which time the paint will not crack, peel or fade.

5 steps to recoloured windows & doors

Stage One

First things first, whether we’re working inside or outside, the work area needs to be clean and clear. If working inside, all items of furniture are moved or covered with plastic. The flooring is covered with drop-cloths. If outside, the area is swept out and any furniture is moved.

Stage Two

The next step, using the specialist cleaning products, is to fully clean and de-grease the uPVC windows or doors that we’re spraying. This is a two part process, utilising products manufactured specially by the paint supplier, to clean off any contaminants in the surface, we then use a fine abrasive cloth to key the Upvc to ensure a perfect bond for the paint and the perfect Upvc window spraying.

Stage Three

Once all areas are fully cleaned, we start the masking process. If there are any handles that are not being sprayed they are removed. All the glass is taped up and protected with plastic sheeting. Any adjacent surfaces are fully masked off, protecting from over-spray, and the drop-cloths are taped into place, protecting the flooring.

Stage Four

Once it’s all masked off, we set-up our specialist spray equipment, prepare the paint by mixing it with the curing agent, and then we’re ready to start spraying.

The Upvc window spraying is started by one of our technicians. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing the right colour!

Stage Five

The specialised Selemix DTM coating we use is touch dry within minutes for Upvc window spraying. We always allow a few minutes extra drying time to ensure the paint has bonded properly. All specialist equipment is then packed away and all windows are then de-masked to leave them looking brand new!

spray Colours & Finishes

Stuck for the perfect colour? We can help select the perfect tone for your property from a selection of popular classics, or you can choose from a range of over 30,000 colours in gloss, satin or matte finish. We mix our coatings in house, so no waiting and no waste.

Your colour, your way.

Slate Grey
Base White
Card Room Green
Moles Breath

Questions & Answers

Prices will vary and depends on the access, location and the scale of the windows/doors/conservatory. It is possible that access equipment might need to be included in the quote, therefore, we recommend you contact us so we can arrange a visit to provide a free, accurate quote. In some instances, we could quote from photographs you send in to us.

Any RAL, British Standard or farrow & Ball colour can be matched immediately. We are happy to be given colour swatches but these take longer to match.

We use a satin finish as standard, gloss or matte finishes are available on request.

Ideally 3-4 weeks notice, but we will always try to accommodate if you want it done quicker.

Quite simply, no. We will do all the masking and protecting of adjacent areas prior to spraying.

Yes, we accept cards as a payment method, We will also accept a BACS payment. We don’t accept cheques though.

The paint is guaranteed for 10 years against flaking, peeling , cracking and fading under normal conditions.