Considering an Amazing Kitchen Makeover for 2023?

Are you looking for a kitchen makeover in 2023?

Updating and choosing a kitchen makeover for a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen will certainly be a popular option for many homeowners this year. With interest rates on an upward trend and the super high energy prices for at least another 12 months, there will be a firm grip on most homeowners’ finances for the foreseeable future.

What does that mean for home improvement plans?  It means that most of us must look for the most affordable option.

Virtually all kitchens fitted since the 1990s will have utilised all available storage capacity and used all the wall and floor space that can be used. So what’s left to gain by getting a new kitchen? Please read on.

What’s involved in a kitchen makeover?

After the work was completed.

kitchen refurb near me kitchen makeover 2023 kitchen boost

During the project


Before we started

kitchen makeover near me kitchen refurbishment kitchen renovation kitchen refurb Leicester

The most common change currently is the colour and finish. The desire for high-gloss kitchens has diminished in recent years. The red, white, or black colourway chosen ten years ago is no longer a favourite, with many homeowners that chose one or have recently bought a home and inherited one. The constant battle with fingerprints on the door and drawer fronts for the first few months is a battle everyone has surrendered to that has had that experience. A nice semi-matte or satin finish is the perfect solution for a modern kitchen.

We use a product called Selemix; it is truly remarkable and virtually indestructible once cured. The perfect finish is an absolute must for a kitchen makeover.

A big problem with high gloss kitchen door fronts is that they had a glossy laminate bonded to them for volume production and economy. This economic measure wasn’t for the end user’s benefit, though; they were still charged a small fortune for their kitchen, but it came with it a legacy that many people have already experienced, or at least they will very soon, in that the adhesive used to bond the vinyl wasn’t the best and has/ will lose adhesion, leaving the laminated fronts loose and flappy. See the image below.

kitchen makeover - failed laminate

A massive consideration before taking on your kitchen makeover is whether your kitchen doors have a laminated, plastic, or vinyl finish. It just doesn’t make sense to leave that on if you are going for a big update to your kitchen and planning on keeping the doors.

Suppose we spray your kitchen components and not replace your doors with a shaker-style door, for example. In that case, we will remove the laminate because we know there is no long-term benefit to a kitchen respray if the substrate that the coating is applied to can come loose in the future. When we undertake kitchen spraying, we want it to be the last time we see your kitchen or the doors. No offence intended, of course. And for this reason, we can’t do a one-day spray job on your kitchen; there’s too much to do to get the finish you expect

What other things will I need to consider when considering a kitchen makeover?

You might want to change your worktops because they look dated. The tiles might be of an age where they have an infrequent coloured or decorative tile within the design. The sink might be dull and scratched, and the taps a bit loose. Socket faces could have yellowed or cracked. The gas or electric hob could be the wrong colour now and less efficient than a new model. Plinths or kickboards have swollen after years of water ingress from mopping the floor. Cupboard door hinges that are loose and slam shut, leaving the doors uneven in appearance, plus many more reasons why you think your kitchen is past its best.

All these things are achievable with a kitchen makeover because, for the most part, the bones of your kitchen- the carcasses, etc. will still be perfectly useable and in near-perfect condition- and, quite probably, made of better materials than modern-day replacements.

We can offer alternatives to a new kitchen in virtually every instance, which will result in massive financial savings against the cost of purchasing and installing a new kitchen.

Thinking outside of the box will save you ££££’s

Sometimes the little things can make all the difference to your kitchen space. For example, consider spraying your extraction hood or fridge freezer if you no longer like the original look. A simple respray to black in a satin finish has completely changed the look of this kitchen.

Kitchen makeover- sprayed cooker hood

Keep your original worktops and choose an epoxy resin finish for the kitchen makeover that is unique to you and your style. There won’t be another like it in the world.

Epoxy Resin worktop

Or replace with solid wood worktops.

oak worktops

Fill open areas with narrow cupboards to make the space look sleek and less cluttered. Adding doors to the front will extend the length of the kitchen and make it feel bigger.

Kitchen makeover Kitchen makeover


Below are some example images of a kitchen that kept all the base and wall cupboard carcasses but added new worktops, splashback, shaker-style doors, a new sink and tap, new cupboards, and a new duo colour scheme.

Kitchen makeover

We take care of all the plastering, tiling, plumbing, electrical work and carpentry when we undertake your kitchen makeover, so you don’t need to worry about anything, maybe just the colours and finishes.

If we can help you with any kitchen makeover plans or you want to ask a question. Please drop us an email; at [email protected] or call to speak to us in Leicester at 0116 5070771

We carry out kitchen spraying and kitchen makeovers throughout the Midlands.



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