Stunning Shaker-style Doors in 2022

Do you want shaker-style doors for your kitchen in 2022?

Are you bored of your current kitchen doors? Too glossy? Are they the wrong colour? Or just too flat and boring?

Well, here at Colourmy, we might just be able to help you get what you want, and in colour you want for much less money than you might think when considering kitchen spraying and your doors made into shaker-style doors.

When we create shaker-style doors from your existing doors, there are a few steps that we need to follow. We can’t do them the traditional way with rails and stiles and an independent panel because we need to utilise the existing door slab, so we do them in a way that will allow us to use existing hinges but give you a thicker door that looks and has the characteristics of a solid wood door but without the expense of solid wood.

If you have an 18mm MDF door, we’ll use 6mm Moisture resistant MDF to make your shaker-style door 24mm thick. It may mean your hinges need an update to the market leader and long-lasting Blum hinge- the bonus is these hinges have a switchable soft close function, so you decide which doors you’d like to close slowly.

We can also make you new doors in much the same way that will be more economical than choosing a very cost-prohibitive real wood version.

Kitchen cupboard doors with failed laminate

Once the laminate has started to fail on your existing kitchen units, it will need to be removed. It can’t be stuck back on and isn’t a sound substrate for the new sprayed coating.

Laminated kitchen door

A high gloss laminate on an 18mm MDF door


Failed laminate from Kitchen door

Laminate removed from the door slab

bare MDF Door

Bare MDF door for us to work with.

Shaker door stiles

We cut Moisture resistant 6mm MDF for the ” stiles and rails.”

Shaker style doors in MDF

The MDF strips are glued in place, and any gaps are filled to create shaker-style doors.

Edge trimmed shaker doors

Heat applied Edge banding adhered to all the edges for a seamless look.

Primed shaker door primed shaker style door

We then prime the doors with a filler primer, anticipating the final topcoat colour.

When considering kitchen cupboard spraying or a kitchen refurbishment near me and you have plain doors with no character, this is a surefire way of instantly bringing your kitchen up another level. Shaker-style doors are very on-trend, and you can easily make your kitchen look and feel much more expensive with this simple but effective upgrade.

Look at this link to see how much buying new doors might cost in comparison.

Bespoke Shaker-style doors

The cost can be quite staggering when you count up the number of kitchen cupboards you have and will need shaker-style doors for, so it is a must to talk to us first and help you make the right choice.

Kitchen cupboard spraying is easy; making the kitchen look new after kitchen spraying for a relatively low cost is a bit harder, and looking for helpful hints and tips for a kitchen makeover will always make money go further.

If you like what you have seen here and need some more questions answering that you may have before deciding on kitchen spraying or a kitchen upgrade, then head over to our pretty comprehensive FAQ page –

The top 15 questions about kitchen spraying!

Kitchen cupboard painting near me is well-searched for on the internet, and there is a host of sites out there to help.

Kitchen spraying in Leicestershire, Rutland, Warwickshire, Bedfordshire, Northampton, Hertfordshire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire are just a few places where we have transformed kitchens and living spaces for great people.

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