Amazing Bespoke Fitted Furniture and Storage Solutions in 2023

Are you looking for bespoke fitted furniture or storage solutions?

We all have somewhere at home that could do with ” a piece of furniture or a thingy” to fill the space or to utilise the space we have better but can never find the perfect solution, even after spending hours trawling the internet.

The problem with the internet and the places that sell the things we want is that they will very rarely have the size or design we need. Too big, too small, not enough shelves, too many shelves, nowhere to store the things we don’t want on show behind doors, made from the wrong materials, no choice of colours, the list just goes on and on.

Enthusiasm very often wanes after an afternoon searching on Google and the plans you had then go to the back of your mind and quite often don’t surface again because what you had in your mind’s eye isn’t going to be readily available and you aren’t sure where else to look.

It all then starts to look a bit daunting and fraught with potential problems, doesn’t it?

Of course, bespoke fitted furniture is nothing new and many companies and individuals have been doing it very successfully for years but in nearly every situation, there will be a downside, something that just takes the shine off the project.

A few examples might be that Sharps Bedroom Furniture could fill my space perfectly but I could only have two sliding doors, instead of 3 in the design I liked best. The salesman can’t sell what isn’t an option in his pricing schedule.

The local and well-recommended carpenter does a great job and has loads of verified reviews- your friend has even used him and recommends him 100%, but he doesn’t decorate or finish the raw MDF, he leaves that up to you to find someone to do it once he’s gone. Will that ruin all his hard work and your expectations?

The next best guy does his own finishing but works on-site only and will need to use your space to complete the work, so the drive or back garden, plus a spare room or garage to hang the work to paint/ spray and dry but you don’t have the spare room or a garage to accommodate him, so he’s a non-starter. You could book him for July and hope the weather plays ball.

If you have a large living room or open space and want to fill a wall with a media unit that will house everything you have, then the space required to do the work properly will need to be as least as large as the area that is having the unit built and that can prove difficult in a lot of occupied properties.

Example of a wall unit being constructed below:

bespoke fitted furniture

There are many more reasons but I think you get the point.

What’s the answer if I can’t find a perfect solution for my bespoke fitted furniture near me requirements?

In a nutshell, you contact us because we can 100% help you achieve what you want without making too many compromises.

We aren’t suggesting for a moment that you shouldn’t be prepared to make compromises along the way, they’re almost inevitable in joinery and finishing projects, particularly when the cost of some veneered sheet materials or solid woods are factored in, it just makes some projects too expensive if alternatives aren’t considered.

The same goes for the final finish, you could roll it with furniture paint from B&Q, but it just isn’t near the standard of a spray finish with a joinery-specific coating applied under proper conditions.

What we can offer at Colourmy is a complete turnkey service from conception to completion.

Ownership of a project must be held by someone from the start when doing bespoke fitted furniture work; too many processes carried out by different people will always lead to a problem somewhere along the line. Suppose the carpenter isn’t finishing a project. In that case, he’ll leave things for the decorator/finisher and wash his hands of it, meaning the finisher may have to do things he’s not happy doing to achieve the perfect finish. When it doesn’t go to plan, he blames the carpenter- no one is taking the blame for someone else’s mistakes.

This leaves a bad taste in your mouth as a paying customer. Not an ideal end to what should have been an enjoyable experience.

Finishing costs for bespoke fitted furniture.

In almost all bespoke fitted furniture near-me situations, the finishing costs are reduced when they are undertaken during the process of furniture construction as opposed to being completed at the end. This is down to it being an easier time to do the spraying when each component of your furniture hasn’t been permanently secured together- sanding the piece, dealing with rough edges and any knicks or dents when fully fitted can often take twice the time and the finish can suffer, especially where tight openings and spaces exist.

This is also why 85% of carpenters don’t offer a fully finished service because the time to get paid can often be long after they’ve left your house.

It is also important to use the right sprayed coating to achieve the factory finish bespoke fitted furniture demands, 2k polyurethane.  Spraying on-site just isn’t practical when dealing with complex designs- not enough space and nearly always not dust free enough in rooms with recent joinery activity.

Fit and finish are the two most important factors when considering bespoke fitted furniture, so it makes perfect sense to get the work done where the same pair of hands control these two elements.

If you are considering any of the below bespoke fitted furniture projects in 2023 and would kike to know a little more about us to see if we can work together, then please drop us an email with a short narrative to your plans to : [email protected] and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

  • Alcove units
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Sliding wardrobes
  • Wall units
  • Coat and shoe storage
  • Understair storage solutions
  • Utility room upgrades
  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Worktops
  • Tables
  • Door Restoration
  • Kitchen door replicating
  • Shaker doors
  • Bathroom storage solutions
  • Tv stands
  • Full height bookshelves
  • Wall Panelling
  • Kitchen Spraying
















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