How Much Will Amazing Kitchen Spraying Cost in 2023?

How much does kitchen spraying cost in 2023?

It will be a popular question for many people in the coming months because of the squeeze on personal finances due to the inflation explosion that most of us are dealing with.

We’re all going to be looking for ways to save money, but we’re still hoping to keep our homes looking good and give our moods a lift.

The New Year has always brought on thoughts of improving the home in the coming months, with kitchens at the top of the list.

Do you need a new kitchen?

As with most things made in today’s world, things aren’t designed for longevity. Many of the things available to us as consumers are designed and manufactured with an expected lifespan, and then these items are considered disposable- vehicles, home appliances, computers, phones, and so on. Kitchen manufacturers have exactly the same mindset, make it quickly and for the least amount of money possible and sell it for as much as possible, and hope that it remains in one piece for 4-5 years.

In many cases, it doesn’t, and the biggest issue is the laminate that covers most modern kitchens is cheap and the glue used to adhere it to the doors and drawer fronts, etc, simply doesn’t last; it loses its adhesive ability within a few years. And by this point, that particular design has become obsolete, and finding replacements is virtually impossible.

Many large housebuilders in the UK will opt for a different design at about the 18 months anniversary of the introduction of a particular range. On large developments, that is probably about the time they’ve built and sold the last house.

This brings the problem of a tatty-looking kitchen in your expensive investment, your home.

We must remember that a kitchen will have many areas and parts that aren’t seen but makeup 80% of the kitchen structure; the carcasses, the shelving, and storage solutions will be manufactured using MFC ( chipboard) and will be in perfectly good condition. There is no need to change these, ever, unless water damage is evident or broken, so replacing these is just going to be expensive and unnecessary.

So what’s the answer? Go to Wren, sign up for a new basic kitchen for £15,000, and wait months for installation, pray that it’s all there, and hope it all goes well. Go to a kitchen door replacement franchise and choose new doors- with the same laminate and the same useless glue- and pay upwards of £3000 for the privilege.

Or do you use what you have and get it reworked or resprayed with the bonus of choosing a colour that suits your space?

So what does it cost?

As with all things like this, kitchen spraying cost will depend on your kitchen, the size and complexity, and the level of work required to get the kitchen ready for spraying and the materials used.

We will only use an ultra-durable polyurethane coating, and most of the work is done at our factory unit, apart from spraying the components we can’t remove and take away and, of course, the day we refit all the doors, etc.

Our base price is £1295.00 plus Vat and will go up to around £6000.00 for a very large complex kitchen manufactured in solid wood.

A recent project for £3450 plus Vat on a solid wood kitchen had a comparable replacement cost of upwards of £60,000 in the same materials and made in the same style but in colour. Naturally, the customer chose wisely and contacted us.

A solid wood kitchen will need far greater preparation than a simple basic, handleless melamine-faced kitchen. It will have a higher kitchen spraying cost and is also very labour-intensive in comparison. A solid wood kitchen will have many more nuances and flaws within the construction than a man-made board, so will retain them after spraying too, so if your door has a deep grain now, that grain will remain. Still, it will be more noticeable if the chosen colour is lighter than the original shade of stain or varnish.

To learn more about the process, or get your kitchen spraying cost answers, look at our in-depth Q&A post here.

kitchen respray cost kitchen spraying cost

Will the new colour last, or will it start flaking?

It will last, and no, it won’t start flaking. So much so we guarantee the coating for ten years; not many other spraying companies will be prepared to do that!

We use an industrial coating used by and for professionals; it can’t be purchased from a DIY store or local decorator centre and isn’t recommended without having the right equipment to use it.

And finally….

Now you know a little more about the kitchen spraying cost, think and see if you need to make any changes to your current design, or you simply might want to add new hinges or drawer runners to give your kitchen the boost to see it through for at least another ten years.

If there are any questions we haven’t answered here or on the Q&A post, please drop us an email for a fast and honest response from one of the team.

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