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Upvc spraying Leicester

If you have arrived here because you have searched for Upvc spraying near me or Upvc window painting near me, please read on and look further into the site for much more information.

Anyway, those subtle differences dealt with, let’s talk about what can be resprayed around your home and garden.

Most things can be improved by spraying or respraying, but sometimes it won’t be the quickest or most economical way of doing the job, so it isn’t usually considered an option. We’ll run through a few of the frequent things we are asked to spray, and some of the items around your home that you may not automatically think can be sprayed or resprayed. Upvc spraying is one of those things.

uPVC Windows, Doors, and Conservatory Spraying

Windows, doors, and conservatories are great examples of elements of your home that can benefit from a colour change by Upvc spraying Leicester.

Having your windows replaced is by no means a small job and, in most cases, reasonably intrusive, so should you be considering a change of frames just so you can get a different or new colour, then Upvc spraying Leicester your windows is a must-see option. On the other hand, if your windows are reasonably new, Upvc spraying is the only option unless you have infinite cash reserves!

The above is true for doors and conservatories, too- savvy people can get the look of 2021 but not pay the price of 2021. Sometimes a property can get all it needs by simply changing the entrance door’s colour.

Upvc spraying Leicester Upvc conservatory spraying.

Dusty grey glass conservatory
RAL 7037- Dusty Grey Conservatory

The advantage of Upvc spraying white windows- sometimes before they are installed- is that you can go for any colour you choose. There is something quite special about uPVC spraying and thinking you’ve got windows in a colour no one else has likely chosen- at least not in your street or town anyway!

Spraying Upvc windows is a massive money saver and absolutely must be considered!

Sprayed flush sash windows

Farrow and Ball – Old White Upvc spraying onto Eurocell Flush sash windows before fitting.

Garage Door spraying

Garages invariably carry the bulk of any colour to the front of your property on the doors or shutters, so it’s vitally important that you look after what you have or consider the change of colour carefully. The doors or shutters will be made from GRP, Metal, Timber, or Plastic coated metal. Each material needs a slightly different approach to the preparation and subsequent coating spraying.

If you have pressed steel up and over the garage door, and many people still do, it is worth considering the condition of the metal before deciding to get it sprayed; sometimes, the years of minor dings and dents will show up more once the colour has been changed, so respraying the garage door without the necessary filling and preparation work might not be considered money well spent. On the other hand, if you want that work carried out too, then the cost of replacing the door with something more modern might be the better choice in the long term.

We’d expect at least 90% of instances though it would be more economical to respray than replace. For example, a single garage door would cost £225.00 plus Vat. Upvc spraying Leicester.


Other than Upvc spraying, kitchen spraying near me is a hugely popular update to your home.

Your kitchen is likely the most used room in your home and was probably the most expensive, too, so you will need to be super sure of any changes you make in this area. Swapping a kitchen within 5-8 years of installation is unlikely, but trends and colours move fast!

What are the options, then? Just like uPVC spraying, the shape and space of your kitchen won’t change unless you are considering some serious remodelling, so the only real option is to change the colour of the cupboard and drawer fronts, end panels, and maybe even the tiles or splashbacks.

Recolouring an average-sized kitchen isn’t a one-day job- there might well be a few companies out there that say it is, but the truth is, a fair amount of prep work goes into a sprayed kitchen. For example, the masking process alone will likely take an entire day if done correctly- like sheeting the ceilings and walls to prevent settling overspray.

Removing handles or knobs takes a lot longer than it should, and removing door and drawer fronts and hinges takes more time, and to respray a kitchen properly, these things must be done and done correctly.

The two main attributes required for spraying are patience and concentration. Neither of which will be in abundance with a one-day cover-over.

Kitchens are naturally greasy; unless they are deep cleaned every month, all kitchens will need some attention hours before the spray equipment comes out of the van, so time is paramount. It just can’t be realistically carried out in such a short time.

Preparing the existing units is the key to how your new colour will look and how long it will last, so the hours preparing it and not the 30 minutes spent respraying it.

masked and sprayed kitchen RAL 7047 Grey sprayed kitchen

Naturally, options are available to suit your ideas and budget, but a one-day transformation for £450 should be avoided at the very least, and the same should be said about uPVC spraying.

Internal door spraying

The internal doors in your house take some actual use; you most likely don’t notice them anymore but look closely at a frequently used door. It will be scratched, scuffed, covered in hand and fingerprints, grease, and general grime from the environment. What if they are stained and varnished? How do you get them into that Farrow and Ball colour you like? There are hours of work to get them cleaned and sanded down through the grits and grades. You’ve got to take all the furniture off and then have somewhere to roll or brush them and let them dry.

How many coats will it take? What if you don’t like the brush marks- we aren’t all decorators.  How long until they can be handled?

All valid considerations, of course, and if you only have two doors to change, then maybe an afternoon with some sandpaper, degreaser, paint, and roller might be the more affordable way to go.

An internal door prepared and sprayed by ourselves would be at least £80.00 plus Vat, depending on the preparation level.

mirka dustless sanding
Dustless sanding before spraying.

sanding before spraying

inside the spray booth

We will make light work of internal doors and get you the desired colour and consistent finish. We can easily accommodate at least ten doors at our spray shop in Leicester, so no matter how many rooms you have, you can quickly get the same quality on every door.

External Gate Spraying

The external doors and gates aren’t forgotten here; we will happily advise you on the steps needed to achieve a first-class and professional; finish to any doors and gates using only the best quality industrial coatings. We don’t use anything from DIY stores; we use specific suppliers like Simply Coatings. They supply consistently high-performing spray-applied products that have been thoroughly researched so you can be assured that the final coat is the final one.

gate prepared for spraying RAL 7016 External gate

Aluminium profile spraying

Being able to accommodate our trade customers quickly is paramount. They must engage their customers with quality service and quick turnarounds when they ask for a non-standard colour.

Our ability to be able to spray Upvc or aluminium profiles in lengths of up to 7 metres, in any colour, and usually within 24-48 hours means that we can turn the profile around, fully prepped, masked, and resprayed in the fastest times, allowing the client more time to complete their manufacturing process.

Bi-folding doors in any colour is a strong selling point, so we have adapted our capacity to accommodate even the most prolonged profiles.

If you recently had Bi-Folds fitted in Leicestershire or Northamptonshire in an unusual colour, they may have passed through our hands!

aluminium profile

Shopfront and industrial unit spraying

industrial unit respraying Roller shutter spraying

We are equally at home out on site as we are back in the spray booth in the factory.

Replacing cladding and aluminium curtain walling can be costly if you are looking to update your commercial premises, mainly if the property is rented.

First impressions matter in business; a tired and dirty-looking unit will not appeal to potential customers if you rely on their footfall and money to survive. On the other hand, an updated and modern entranceway will make your business look current and encourage customers to come in and spend their money.

Aluminum curtain wall spraying , like Upvc spraying, will be at least 50% cheaper than getting new profiles, and respraying your large roller shutters will be a fraction of the cost of acquiring new ones.

You can call us for a consultation to see if one of our updated packages will suit your needs. For example, we can procure signage and replace glazing, cladding, fascias, and guttering to give you a turnkey solution to bring your commercial property or properties up to date.

So as you can probably see, we can spray virtually anything related to your home and garden and if you have ideas about any of the following, just let us know them, and we’ll try and help you where we can.

Garden furniture spraying, plant pot respraying, garden building spraying, fascia and soffit respraying, guttering spraying, wooden window respraying, hanging tile spraying, render spraying, bin store respraying, mobile home respraying, narrowboat windows, shopfront respraying, or even fridge respraying and let’s not forget Upvc spraying near me

There are more in-depth articles elsewhere on the site if you’d like to learn more about a specific project, such as spraying windows grey.

But please consider spraying in 2021 because it saves you time and will undoubtedly save you money for 95% of things you might want to recolor.

Suppose you have a £30 IKEA Malm bedside cabinet in Beech, but you’d prefer in white now. In that case, this won’t be an excellent example of where spraying saves you money because it won’t be cheaper than buying a new one in white. Still, a whole house of 13 Upvc windows and 2 Composite doors that you had renewed four years ago in white but now want grey, then spraying will be the only sensible option!

Thanks for reading, and if you’d like to know any more about Upvc spraying, or how we might be able to help you, please get in touch by email: [email protected]

For lots of Upvc spraying Leicester questions that we’ve answered, please take a look over here : Upvc spraying 

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