New Upvc Spraying Leicester is Fantastic and First

Do you wish to change the colour of your windows?

We can offer Upvc spraying Leicester for a fraction of the cost of replacements.

We use an industry-leading two-part spray coating after a thorough clean and preparation of your frames; this coating is here to stay, and it won’t peel, crack, or flake.

It has a 10-year guarantee for adhesion and five years against fading.

Upvc spraying Leicester

Upvc spraying Leicester

We have been respraying windows and doors in Leicester since 2016.

We will give you an honest appraisal about whether your frames will benefit from Upvc respraying in Leicester because if your windows have other issues, then a colour change won’t help solve those. New windows might be the only sensible option.

For absolutely any questions about spraying your Upvc windows, please send us an email to : [email protected].




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