Brilliant new uPVC spraying cost in 2022?

What does uPVC spraying cost?

Spraying Upvc windows will undoubtedly increase your property’s curb appeal, but what does uPVC spraying cost?

For most two- or three-story properties, the cost of spraying your windows will be much cheaper than getting them all replaced in a different colour and will be the go-to option for the cost-conscious homeowner.

For example, a five-sash bow bay will cost around £325 to respray but replaced with a foiled woodgrain finish and a colour; the cost is likely to be around £1200 to buy.

A small non-opening window on a bungalow might not have so much difference between replacing and respraying, so looking at all available options is the sensible choice.

uPVC spraying cost

What will spraying a composite door cost?

Sprayed composite front doors are also trendy, with the average price of a new colour being around £180 plus Vat gives you an idea of uPVC spraying cost in 2022.

The finishing of the work is important, too; it is available in every finish and colour possible, so there is no reason not to make your sprayed Upvc windows look new.

And the best thing about spraying windows is that you can change the colour as often as you like! 😉


Getting your Upvc windows sprayed in Leicester or Northampton is easy; send us your details – [email protected].

So if you’d like to know what uPVC spraying will cost, contact us.


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