Upvc spraying questions

Upvc spraying questions

Is it worth spraying Upvc windows and doors?

A good question, 85% of the time, Yes, it is. That said, if you have 25 years old frames with misted / blown glass units and they are draughty when the wind blows, then a new colour will not make these problems go away and new windows will be the solution. Whilst we offer a 10 year guarantee it doesn’t mean that the rest of the window is good for 10 years, just the coating we apply is guaranteed.

Upvc doors need a little more thought when deciding whether to spray or not though. Going darker on a white door means the heat from the sun is drawn into the darker colour and not reflected as before and this can mean the door can twist and warp as it contracts and expands with temperature fluctuations. This can be resolved by replacing the inner panel of the door with a MDF reinforced one to significantly reduce any movement caused by the heat of the sun. This of course adds more cost to the project, so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of updating your existing Upvc front door or choosing a new door.

I want to replace some windows but not all, will you be able to spray my old Upvc windows to match the new Upvc windows?

Yes, we can match and accurately reproduce any colour from our trusted partners. We can even come and use a handheld spectrophotometer to copy a colour if identifying the paint source has been lost or forgotten.

Does the paint stick to Upvc windows?

Of course, only after meticulous cleaning and preparation of the surfaces first though. The prep work is 80 percent of the time spent on the project, we degrease, abrade (key the surface) and then use a proprietary solvent cleaner to remove any unseen contaminants. The area around the surfaces to be sprayed are thoroughly masked off using paper or plastic film prior to us then spraying the frames with a low material thickness coating, leave to flash off, check the paint has adhered and for any contaminants that may have been missed, before then spraying the Upvc frames with two more coats of our chosen paint system.

Should I choose a company that are 100 miles away to spray my Upvc windows?

With around 23 million houses in the UK, I’d say you probably don’t need to use a company more than 30 miles away from home but that choice is yours. It is worth bearing in mind though that with most offering guarantees of 10 years, how likely is it that a company that is 100 miles from where you live, are going to come back and service that guarantee 8 years later if something is wrong?

We’ll go further than 30 miles if we’ve been recommended but we tend to stay within Leicestershire boundaries.

What paint do you use to spray Upvc windows?

We use a 2- part product that comes as the coating and a hardener most of the time, this is called Selemix DTM. When indoors, we sometimes use a 1 part product that doesn’t need a hardener, that is called Kolorbond. We won’t use any other product for external work on Upvc , GRP or Aluminium than Selemix DTM. Its durable and cures granite hard. More Upvc spraying questions answered below.

My windows are wood grain effect, does that remain after spraying and more Upvc spraying questions?

Yes, all Upvc woodgrain windows have a laminated vinyl foil wrap over the plastic profile to create the woodgrain effect. Our sprayed coating is applied in two or three fine, well atomised layers so the grain is still visible once your new colour has been applied.

Upvc spraying questions

Can you spray metal garage or roller shutter doors?

Of course, we use the same methods for garage doors as we do Upvc frames and the same sprayed coating. Naturally, a garage door will use more paint, so the cost will be higher than spraying a composite or Upvc front door.

My front door has faded, will your coating fade after spraying?

Not in the short term, no.

We can only offer the same guarantee as the paint manufacturer when it comes to fading which is 5 years. Certain colours will fade quicker than others- such as red or orange, this is just how the pigments react to UV light. Darker colours are affected less by UV light but even a grey door in a permanently south facing position will suffer eventually. Your current fading issue might just be the result of low quality paint or coating used when the door was made.

We can also offer an additional clear coating after the colour has been applied to further prevent colour loss if your door is likely to suffer due to the position of the sun.

My front door will cost me £1000 to replace, what does spraying a front door cost?

Other companies may have different ideas and different upvc spraying questions about what to charge for spraying a front door but within Leicestershire boundaries we charge £180.00 plus Vat because we use a 2 pack spray applied product and we guarantee for 10 years, so anyone charging less probably won’t be prepared to service that guarantee either if the need arises. The time we spend on site is around 3 hours.

Can you spray our fascia’s and soffits?

Fascias and soffits can also be spray painted in exactly the same way we do other elements of your home. In most instances though, we need a fixed platform for access (scaffolding) so the cost can sometimes seem disproportionate to the rest of the work. So for more upvc spraying questions, please continiue reading.

We are also great believers in leaving the roofline alone if possible, it adds a natural separation and contrast from the newly sprayed colour.

When can’t you spray Upvc windows and other Upvc spraying questions?

When it’s likely to rain or when the air temperature is going to drop enough to prevent satisfactory curing. We’ll let you know when we can or can’t get over to you though.

What is your lead time for Upvc spraying?

We are always around 3 weeks away from starting your project after you’ve given us the go ahead. That will change with prolonged wet or poor weather though.

If you have any other Upvc spraying questions that you haven’t found an answer for, please just get in touch and we’ll happily answer them.


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