Superb Upvc painting near me.2023

Upvc painting near me is a fantastic and affordable way to update the look of your home.

A new colour to your Upvc frames will add another level of protection from the elements, possibly increasing their lifespan by a few years.

It would allow you to keep your home looking modern and updated for a fraction of the cost if you buy new frames, so uPVC painting near me is worth considering.

We use an air compressor and gravity-fed spray gun to apply our coating. We use a large compressor with a big air receiver to tackle large projects without the compressor running out of available air, so we do not need to refill the receiver and catch up constantly.

uPVC painting is usually completed using an air compressor application method, not an actual brush. This is because a brush-applied coating would take far too long, and the finish would not be the factory finish you’d expect, like when applied from a spray gun.

You no longer have to suffer white or brown uPVC windows for any longer than is necessary; if you have the vision and the colour, then we’ll promise you the skills and ability to bring your new coloured uPVC frames; to life!


upvc painting near me
Upvc painting near me

What happens, then?

With a complete and thorough preparation process before our industry-standard coating application, you can expect at least ten years of assurance that the coating will remain bonded to the frames and won’t peel, crack, or flake.

uPVC painting near me is a surefire way to modernise and update the look of your home for probably the least amount of money. For example, a new colour change can be achieved for as little as £495 plus Vat for the front of a terraced house with non-bay windows.

It would likely be completed in one day, too, meaning the front of your home can take on a new look in as little as 4 hours.


We can also offer five years against significant UV fading to give you peace of mind when deciding to get your Upvc painting near me carried out.

upvc painting near me

We will also colour other property elements to offer a complete one-stop shop of colour!

We can replicate any major manufacturer’s colour codes to our chosen system, so you can be assured of the perfect colour and shade every time we mix.

So, if your render looks tired and could do with an injection of colour, ask us for advice; we are only too happy to talk colours with you.

So after deciding the windows need uPVC painting near me, maybe your soffits and facias could do with a bit of lift; even your guttering and downpipes will get sprayed if required to add the final touches to your newly coloured home.

We want everyone to consider uPVC painting near me before assuming that buying new windows is the only solution. Giving your existing frames some love and attention and a new colour could be all you need to do.

If you have any more questions about uPVC painting and whether it’s the right choice, we’ve put together a few FAQs over here, with the answers being our view.

The Colourmy team is always available to offer you free and sound advice if needed. Unfortunately, not every window in the UK will benefit from a new colour.

Sometimes the technology of the uPVC window industry might have moved on so much since the original window was installed that a new set of modern frames and gas-filled glazing units would be the only sensible option.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; we’ll endeavour to answer any concerns you may have.


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