Superb Kitchen cupboard painting in 2022?

Can you update your kitchen by painting or spraying your cupboards and cabinets?

Kitchen cupboard painting.

Every house has a kitchen, and if that house has been lived in for at least 15 years, then it’s almost certain to have had the kitchen replaced once in that time, maybe more, because it was probably a little dated and wouldn’t have used the available space to its maximum as a good kitchen and designer would today in 2022.

So if you have a kitchen already using virtually all of the useable space available, what will you gain by opting for a brand new kitchen? A new colour or door style? A new worktop, perhaps? Tiles or splashback?  All valid reasons but costly if you aren’t gaining any more useful storage capacity or space.

kitchen cupboard painting. kitchen cupboard spraying

Upcycling existing kitchen cupboards by adding drawers and a cupboard in place of open storage.

Getting a replacement kitchen isn’t particularly environmentally friendly these days, either.

Replacing a kitchen simply for a new colour would be considered a bit wasteful in today’s world, and it would be because painting kitchen cupboards, or spraying in our case, is quite possibly the most environmentally friendly option available to you and your existing kitchen cupboards and layout.

Most of the kitchen components made today will likely come from the Far East or Eastern Europe and be made from recycled wood waste- that’s all good, I hear you say? Yes, but the transportation requirements to get these products here are nowhere near carbon-neutral, so the lower offset is still much too high, making the case for kitchen cupboard painting even greater.

The quality of these kitchen cupboards will be very likely worse than you already have in your home, too; the recycled wood chips are compressed into sheets to make chipboard, but the chipboard of today is nowhere near as dense as it was 15 years ago, so the longevity of new kitchen cupboards is also a concern.

So the more in-depth you go with the prospect of replacing your kitchen and not kitchen cupboard painting,  the negatives start outweighing the positives quite quickly, and the alternative methods for updating your kitchen start looking very favourable.

So if you are looking for professional kitchen cabinet painters near me on Google, please read on.

Creating more storage or changing the style of doors and drawers.

Okay, so a new colour isn’t your only requirement. You don’t like the door style either, so new doors or a new kitchen is the only option, right?

No, not at all. The team here at Colourmy can help you out there too. If you have flat doors but would like a shaker style, we can take your existing doors, fabricate some stiles and rails, and fix them to your doors before filling and priming in anticipation of the new colour change. There are companies out there that will supply you with new doors, but I suggest you get a quote, and then you’ll see that getting us in to boost your kitchen is a no-brainer! An example website is here. 

We can also change the layout of the existing storage and swap cupboards for drawers or vice versa, fabricate new doors to fit open areas and swap handles and hinges, fill existing holes if needed, and drill new holes for the newly chosen handles.

All our kitchen work is finished by spraying the new colour, but painting kitchen cupboards is the term used for this post.

New worktops, tiles, or splashback to finish off the look?

kitchen cupboard painting

We also know that just making your kitchen cupboards look new sometimes won’t be enough and you might want new worktops, tiles, or a splashback. We’ve got that covered, too and will happily replace it with a 38mm laminated top or 12.5 solid surface worktops by Zenith or Aria.

So if you are searching for Kitchen cabinet painting near me, or kitchen cupboard painting near me, or possibly kitchen cupboard spraying and you are in Leicestershire, Rutland, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, or even Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, get in touch and find out what a Kitchen Boost by Colourmy can do for your home.

Kitchen cupboard painting is only a small part of what we can do, so if you’d like to talk to us about your plans,  please drop us a line here: [email protected]

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Kitchen cupboard painting in Abbotts Oak, Copt Oak, Markfield, Whitwick, Hugglescote, Coalville, Ibstock or Ashby.








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