Fantastic Upvc window painting in 2021

Fantastic Upvc window painting in 2021– A simple but extremely effective home improvement

Home improvements are a way of life. If you have a home, the chances are you already have or are planning to improve it. You may plan on spending thousands to improve functionality, increase the usable space, fit a wet room in place of the old bathroom, or spend as little as £20 on a can of paint to brighten up your bedroom. Still, whatever you do and choose to spend, it always wants to feel like an improvement, and you have done it because you could and not because you had to because it was maintenance.

All homes, whatever their age, will need maintaining at some point; it comes with the territory of owning a pile of bricks open to the vagaries of the weather in the UK. Windows, doors, central heating,  electrical circuits and roofs are all vital functioning parts of our homes but they don’t create the same excitement we get when we talk of having a new kitchen or building an orangery.

Home improvements

A new boiler will, of course, be more efficient than the one it’s replacing and probably heat the home quicker too, but it’s a necessity; most people have one and in the most part, it’s hidden away in a wardrobe or behind a mock kitchen cupboard. The same goes for an upgrade on the electrics or a rewire; vitally important to do anything in the house after dark, but again, everyone has electricity at home.

Upvc window painting
RAL 7015 Slate Grey windows

I won’t go on and on, but windows and doors do a great job of keeping the wind and rain out, but apart from a few half-ruined farm buildings out in the countryside, every habitable home has them fitted; they are nothing to feel euphoric about after you have just handed over thousands of pounds for the privilege of staying on top of your home’s maintenance.

All the things stated above would be an upgrade if you haven’t changed anything in the last 20 years because as technology advances, so do the products we buy, but what if your windows were changed in the last ten years? Would you notice a huge difference in performance if you spent another £10,000 changing them again?

I very much doubt it; in some cases, you may still be paying for them. Unless your windows have degraded to such an extent that openers no longer open, all the sealed units have blown, and the wind howls through, the chances are they are still good for a few years yet, and a colour change will make them look like they were fitted yesterday.

Upvc window painting.

You have seen new Upvc coloured windows whilst you have been walking or driving around, and you may love how they look; after all, virtually every new build or extension has some fitted somewhere in a non-standard Upvc colour, it seems, but unfortunately, the head is not agreeing with the heart. It reminds you of the cost of the last window upgrade, not to mention the mess and disruption that came with it!

So what are the options? You could wait another 10 years and see if you still feel the same or get Upvc window painting with a fantastic paint that has been designed to chemically bond with the Upvc to enable a fantastic new colour shade at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows and with the added reassurance that it is guaranteed to remain on your frames for at least ten years under normal conditions, it won’t crack, peel or fade.

Naturally, individual requirements are different, but as an example, you could get 2 x  5 window bow bays and a box room window with a top opener on a standard 1930s semi-detached sprayed for significantly less than the cost of a new five window bow bay costs on its own before fitting. Upvc window painting is a smart choice. Selemix is the chosen paint.

Home improvement trends come and go and are invariably very costly if you are an early adopter.  With uPVC window painting, you can be one of the first to the party but without the cost! Kitchen Spraying is very popular too.

Upvc window painting is an improvement available to anyone with windows, doors, and conservatories and can be completed on the same day in many cases and with a nearly infinite colour choice; the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

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