What colour should I choose for spraying my windows?

What colour should I choose for spraying my windows?

It’s probably more important than deciding to have Upvc sprayed windows in the first place!

Colour is subjective of course and what suits one person may not suit another, so thinking long and hard about it is a good use of your time. Before getting someone in for spraying windows, spend some time looking at the existing materials of your house will always help. The brick colour, the colour of the mortar, your roof tiles, and even the neighbouring properties. These should all play a part in your decision.

Below are three popular colour ranges to help you decide.

RAL Colours

British Standard Colours

Farrow and Ball

If you still can’t find a colour to suit your property after browsing through those, then we recommend you stick with white! 😂

What colour can I pick for Upvc sprayed windows?

Go here for a quick and easy quote- http://www.colourmy.co.uk/want-upvc-window-spraying-quote/#get-a-quote


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